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Come Closer (Spoken Word from the Father to His daughters) August 7, 2011

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A whisper.

So sweet.

So innocent.

Come Closer.

You can trust me.

For I know you, to the core of your being.

I hear every thought, feel every ache of your heart.

I am He who formed you.

You are lovely to me.

Simply beautiful.

You carry divinity.

Do not fear. 

Do not wait.

I long to be with you.

Come closer.

Do you know?

Your design was formed int he presence of angels.

Every fiber of your being, delicatley woven as a masterpiece.

Even the very desires of your heart, each have purpose.

Do you know?

I created you for freedom.

Like a majestic eagle soaring high,

so you were meant to fly.

Daughter, walk in the glory I created you to experience.

Shake off inhibitions, shake off shame and guilt.

In my presence you are clean.

All is forgiven.

All is restored.

My love is more intense, more real, more pure than any human encounter.

My love is for you.

Come closer.


Buy beautiful jewelry…support a missionary December 3, 2007

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Ti’s the season.  We are in that joyous season of celebrating life and love.  I am sure you are busy gathering your Christmas gifts for those special people in your life.  If you are interested in not only buying a great gift for someone, but also  also supporting a prayer missionary, I have the answer you have been waiting for. 

 You can purchase an affordable jewelry set while supporting me!  I am a prayer missionary in the small town nestled in the southernmost part of IL – right at the confluence of the Mississippi and the Ohio.  It’s okay if you are unsure of the whereabouts, I didn’t know where it was before I had come to visit for the first time.  For those wondering how far we are from Chicago – it is a six hour drive.  There is a team of 7 of us working down here with Two Rivers Ministry.  We focus on prayer and worship, but also do quite a bit of outreach in the community.  To check out one of my typical days, go to this link:

 If you would like more information before deciding if you would like to support me, that’s great.  There are two websites to check out.  The first one is my personal website: and the second is our ministry website:

 Please give me a call if you have any questions about Plethos or Two Rivers Ministry: 618.306.1532